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FinTech Software Solutions in the UAE

White-label platform for future-proof fintech projects in United Arab Emirates.



Velmie contributes to the setting up of fintech projects and the evolution of existing fintech companies in the United Arab Emirates by providing them with professional services and a fully customizable digital banking platform. Our software solution combines back-end services, mobile applications, web front-end for clients and administrators and an extensive API for developers. Our partner ecosystem provides payments and compliance coverage in the MENA region including the United Arab Emirates

Digital Banking

A white-label platform for banks built with cutting-edge technology and service-oriented architecture for high scalability, performance, and regulatory compliance.


The fully customizable white-label platform built on modern microservices architecture ready to scale and evolve along with your business.

Neobank Solutions

An easy-to-customize modular software platform for neobanks with a wide range of integrations with service providers. Velmie provides end-to-end delivery and ongoing support under SLA

Card Issuing

Velmie platform provides an advanced API orchestration layer and white-label front-end apps to set up and manage the card programs, run advanced analytics reports and get access to real-time data.

Core Features


Account types for current, savings, credit and other accounts are supported by banks, payment processors, mobile wallets, wealth management firms and private banking companies.


To set up and manage card programs, run extensive analytics reports, and access real-time data, the Velmie Platform offers a white-label front-end app and an advanced API orchestration layer.

Currency exchange

Multi-currency accounts and exchange system supporting over 150 currencies.

Payments & Transfers

Available payment options for domestic and international transfers include QR payments, mPOS, invoicing, P2P transfers, and payment linkages.

Digital onboarding

To meet regulatory requirements, a fully customizable tiered KYC system supporting different countries and account limits is available.  You can use one of the many KYC, KYB, and AML automation options supplied by the platform or provided by our integration partners.

Reporting and compliance

A comprehensive system to build up reporting on transactions, settlements, interests, revenue, and more.

User management

Role-based access control (RBAC) system support for staff users and administrators for commercial and retail consumers. Roles and workflows that may be customized to precisely match business models and operational processes.


Thanks to the final product developed by Velmie, we now operate powerful software for our new line of business. Basically, we are opening a new functionality that will cross-sell in an excellent way with our current product.

Alejandro González, Head of Product & Founding Partner, Reddo.

About Velmie

Velmie is a software company delivering localized digital banking, payment solutions, and other fintech software for the modernization and improvement of fintech projects in the United Arab Emirates. 

Being a white-label digital banking platform provider with deep market knowledge and hands-on experience in financial technology development, Velmie powers financial institutions and mobile wallet companies with superior user experience and regulations-compliant mobile banking solutions. We have successfully launched several products in the United Arab Emirates.

MENA Mobile Banking Outlook

What's inside:

  • The state of FinTech in MENA

  • Fintech Market Drivers

  • Challenges 

  • Key Contributing Factors

  • Forecasts

  • What is driving FinTech development in the UAE?
    The Emirates is currently one of the pioneering countries setting the standard in the expanding fintech market in the Arab region. Driving this growth are these three key factors: a tech-savvy population who is enthusiastic to adopt fintech innovation, the progressive structure of the country’s financial free zones, and a thriving capital sector willing to invest in fintech startups.
  • How is the FinTech sector supported in the United Arab Emirates?
    The UAE has made fintech adoption and growth a top national priority, paving the way for digital financial services to advance as a significant innovation that would modernize the economic structure of the region. The UAE’s economy was largely driven by oil exports, but now it has also been successful in creating a global financial hub with robust banking services and innovative technologies such as blockchain-based payment platforms. The UAE government launched "Fintech Strategy 2021" in 2016, and it has established Dubai Smart City and a National Financial Technology Lab in Abu Dhabi as initiatives to support FinTech development. Dubai has evolved into one of the most attractive destinations for foreign investment throughout time, particularly when it comes to start-ups in the fintech sector, thanks to its progressive legislation towards innovation, flexible regulatory environment, and zero tax regime for start-ups. So fintech companies and start-ups in the UAE are fully equipped with a holistic, dynamic ecosystem with an independent regulatory and English Common Law judicial system and global financial exchange to promote their innovative solutions and expansion plans to investors.
  • In what countries can your platform be deployed?
    We continue to add features to our banking software platform, which was first created as a global solution to serve customers from the UK, EU, US, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Africa, and other regions. We can set up and configure payment services and card programs almost everywhere thanks to our extensive partners’ ecosystem and variety of integrations with service providers.
  • How fast can you deliver your solution?
    On average, it takes 2-3 months to go live with a product built on our platform.  Depending on additional business, compliance, and technological requirements, it could sometimes take up to six months.
  • Do you handle the customization of your platform for my project?
    We put the interests of our clients first to cover their unique needs and requirements. So there are more than 80 technical specialists on our team doing customization and configurations to deliver exclusive tailored features and functions to your fintech project. Our platform has a modular architecture and is very flexible due to the microservices framework. This approach ensures the performance of customization, innovation and expansion in an efficient manner.
  • Do you perform custom API integrations?
    Application Programming Interfaces, or APIs, are becoming very common in modern fintech projects because they allow fintech companies to innovate and quickly adjust to the frequently changing demands and desires of customers. By consistently innovating, businesses can stay one step ahead of their competitors without spending a fortune or taking an excessively long time to bring a product to market. APIs also make it easier and facilitate collaboration between different service providers. Although APIs may present fintech projects with untapped potential, they must be carefully coordinated to provide the seamless, error-free client experience that will ensure ongoing success. Our team has extensive experience in API integrations. We can deliver our solution with the existing API modules for KYC, card Issuing, acquiring, bank transfers, SMS and Email notifications, customer support systems, etc,  or we can connect to payment systems of your choice.
  • Is your solution secure and compliant?
    When deploying a fintech solution, it's crucial to consider the fintech platform's robust security features, vendors' aligned security practices, and compliance with local and international regulations.  We are concentrating on offering a secure solution when creating software architectures and standards to prevent fraud and promote user adoption. Our software platform complies with major standards such as OWASP, SOC 2 Type 2, and PCI DSS. Technology best practices for transaction and asset security include biometric authentication, RBAC, MPC (Multi-Party Computation), and others. Additionally, we're collaborating with the top players in the sector to bring new services to our platform, such as AML.
  • What are the key advantages of your platform?
    We think that delivering a custom-centric digital banking platform should be fast and easy, not difficult, risky and expensive. Modularity is a key concept of our solution. Our platform is developed modular and incredibly flexible with a microservices infrastructure, enabling effective customization, innovation, and extension and opening up a range of possibilities for launching unique propositions in a matter of weeks. 

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