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Fintech Software Solutions in Singapore

Digital banking platform for future-proof Fintech solutions in Singapore.

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The demand for Fintech solutions in Singapore has grown in recent years, driven by the need for faster, more efficient, and more secure financial services. Velmie, a leading provider of Fintech software solutions, offers an innovative platform that enables businesses in the APAC region including Singapore to meet these requests.

At the core of our offerings is a software solution that seamlessly integrates back-end services, mobile applications, web front-end interfaces for clients and administrators, and a robust API for developers. Our ecosystem of partners complements our services with comprehensive payments and compliance coverage throughout the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region. We have a successful track record of launching different projects for Singapore-based companies.

Digital Banking

A white-label highly secure and customizable platform providing a complete suite of services, from onboarding to account management, card issuing and transfers, allowing financial institutions to tailor their services to their specific needs.

E-Wallet Solutions

Digital wallet platform for a secure and convenient way for customers to manage their money. The software supports a range of features, including peer-to-peer payments, loyalty and rewards programs, and financial management tools.

Remittance Solutions

A cutting-edge white-label platform built on a modular architecture for international money transfers and foreign exchange allowing sending and collecting funds using bank transfers, cash pickups, or wallet systems.

Wealth Management

Highly customized solution for private banks and wealth management companies. Our innovative API orchestration technology allows for seamless connections to leading custodians, while our omnichannel interfaces bring convenience and engagement to your clients.

Card Issuing

A modern platform to launch next-generation card programs tailored to corporate clients or end users combining different services and effortlessly connecting new features.


The fully customizable platform to process payments securely and efficiently, supporting multiple payment methods, currencies, and languages, and is fully compliant with industry standards.

Core Features


Different types of accounts for companies and individuals handling lending, savings and current balances.

Digital onboarding

A fully customizable, tiered KYC system that supports different countries and account limits to meet regulatory requirements in Asia-Pacific (APAC) region. You have the option to use one of our many KYC, KYB, and AML automation features, or utilize those provided by our integration partners.

Currency exchange

Our platform features a multi-currency account and exchange system. With our pre-integrated service providers, you can facilitate global payments and foreign exchange across 150+ countries.


Virtual and physical debit or prepaid cards to start and manage corporate and consumer card programs.

Security & Compliance

Our comprehensive system allows for the configuration of reports for transactions, settlements, interests, revenues, and more and features biometric authentication, data encryption, role-based access control (RBAC), audit trail, and other security tools to comply with industry standards.

Payments & Transfers

Local and International transfers can be made using a variety of payment options such as QR payments, mPOS, invoicing, P2P transfers, and payment linkages.

User management

Role-based access control (RBAC) tools and configurable admin roles can be tailored to fit your organizational structure and processes, providing greater control and flexibility over your fintech project.

  • What is driving Fintech development in Singapore?
    There are several factors driving Fintech development in Singapore, including strong government support, a thriving startup ecosystem, a highly educated workforce, a favorable regulatory environment, and a high level of technology adoption among consumers. Additionally, Singapore's strategic location as a financial hub in Southeast Asia makes it an attractive destination for Fintech companies looking to expand into the region.
  • Can you provide custom API integrations?
    APIs are becoming increasingly popular in the Fintech industry due to their ability to quickly adapt to changing customer demands, facilitate collaboration between service providers, and enable innovation without large expenses or long development times. However, coordination is essential to ensure a smooth and error-free client experience. Our team has extensive experience in API integration and can deliver solutions using existing modules or connecting with the payment systems of your choice. Our APIs include KYC, card issuing, acquiring, bank transfers, SMS and email notifications, and customer support systems.
  • Is your solution secure and compliant?
    Ensuring the security and compliance of a Fintech solution is vital, and we prioritize it by implementing robust security features and aligning with vendors' security practices while adhering to local and international regulations. At Velmie, security is a crucial aspect in every stage of the software development process, ranging from solution architecture design to quality assurance, deployment, and monitoring. Our platform meets industry standards and incorporates technology best practices like biometric authentication, RBAC, and MPC for transaction and asset security. Furthermore, we collaborate with industry leaders to bring additional services like AML and fraud protection to our platform. 

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