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Fintech software solutions in Qatar

Empower your fintech business to hit the ground running, delivering exceptional personalized services to your customers in record time.

White-label fintech platform in Qatar

By providing expert services and a fully customizable digital banking platform Velmie helps to set up fintech projects and develop existing fintech companies in Qatar. Our platform integrates back-end services, mobile apps, a web front-end for users and administrators, and a comprehensive API for developers. Our partner ecosystem provides payments and compliance coverage in the MENA region including Qatar.

All-in-one digital banking platform

Discover the potential of our all-in-one digital banking platform and embrace a world of possibilities. Our solution is specifically designed to cater to fintech digital journeys and includes a range of features such as instant onboarding, account opening, card issuance, payment processing, user support, and much more.

Cutting-edge technology stack

Unleash a range of customizable features and seamless integrations that are specifically designed to cater to your unique requirements. Experience unparalleled performance, scalability, and security through our seamless API orchestration and microservice-based approach.

Drive innovation and growth

Benefit from our rapid time-to-market and flexible platform setup, empowering you to drive your digital journey forward. Stay ahead of the competition by swiftly adapting to market changes, effortlessly scaling your business, and embracing hassle-free customization options.

Deliver exceptional digital banking experience

See the video to learn more about our digital banking platform features to deliver highly personalized fintech services.

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White-label digital banking solution

Accelerate time-to-market

Speed up your time-to-market with Velmie. With our white-label banking solution, you can quickly get your fintech product up and running, allowing you to focus on growing your customer base and generating revenue in the early stages of development.

Customize for your success

Elevate your experience with a solution that can be tailored to your unique needs. Our platform offers extensive customization options, allowing you to adapt and configure it according to your specific requirements. With this level of flexibility, you can create a personalized solution that perfectly aligns with your goals and objectives.

Elevate Customer-Centricity

Put your customers at the heart of your business and deliver exceptional customer-centricity. With our solution, you can create and deliver experiences that prioritize customer satisfaction, loyalty, and engagement. By focusing on their needs and preferences, you can build strong relationships and achieve long-term success.  

End-to-end delivery

Get an all-inclusive experience that covers every aspect of your development project. From ready-made apps to personalized customizations and designs, comprehensive training, and ongoing support and maintenance, we are committed to being by your side every step of the way.

Our solution is the best choice for


Payment service providers


Money transfer companies

Card issuing companies

Wealth management firms

"We like that Velmie’s platform is an all-in-one solution with the ability to be customized and scale. For us, it is as powerful and simple as achieving a new line of business, thanks to the final product developed by Velmie. Basically, we are opening a new functionality that will cross sell in an excellent way with our current product."

Alejandro González,


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Case study: 
Digital Banking Platform for EU Communities

Creating a personalized digital experience to serve EU community.

The platform has been built with the digital banking technology by Velmie that brings scalable architecture, configurable back office workflows, and an API ecosystem with direct access to the market-leading payment, KYC, and other service providers. It’s a cutting-edge digital banking platform that offers users a full range of services, including account opening, card issuing, domestic and international transfers, eCommerce payments, and digital wallets. Plus, it offers MasterCard Send functionality, providing clients with lightning-fast payment options.

More than 100 financial institutions around the globe already building their banking products with us.

Reach out today to get your technological advantage

Explore the key platform features


Checking, saving, deposit, credit and various other accounts types of accounts for traditional, digital banks, neobanks, payment processors, mobile wallets and wealth management companies.


Velmie platform delivers a white-label front-end app and an advanced API orchestration layer to develop and manage different card offerings and programs, providing comprehensive analytics and access to real-time data.

User management

The platform provides business and retail customers with Role-based access control (RBAC) system to manage the access of users.  Roles and processes that are fully adaptable to business models and operational procedures.

Payments & Transfers

Velmie solution supports QR payments, mPOS, invoicing, P2P transfers and payment links to make local and international payments and transfers.

Digital onboarding

An automated KYC verification that supports multiple countries and accounts limits is offered to meet local regulatory requirements.  You can set up a robust digital onboarding procedure by choosing one of the many KYC, KYB, and AML automation options supplied by our platform or provided by our integration partners.

Reporting and compliance

An extensive solution to set up a clear reporting system on transactions, settlements, interests, revenue, and more.

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