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FinTech Software Solutions in Qatar

White-label platform for future-proof fintech projects in Qatar.



By providing expert services and a fully customizable digital banking platform Velmie helps to set up fintech projects and develop existing fintech companies in Qatar. Our platform integrates back-end services, mobile apps, a web front-end for users and administrators, and a comprehensive API for developers. Our partner ecosystem provides payments and compliance coverage in the MENA region including Qatar.

Digital Banking Software

A white-label platform for banks built with cutting-edge technology and service-oriented architecture for high scalability, performance, and regulatory compliance.


The fully customizable white-label platform built on modern microservices architecture ready to scale and evolve along with your business.

Neobank Solutions

An easy-to-customize modular software platform for neobanks with a wide range of integrations with service providers. Velmie provides end-to-end delivery and ongoing support under SLA

Card Issuing System

Velmie platform provides an advanced API orchestration layer and white-label front-end apps to set up and manage the card programs, run advanced analytics reports and get access to real-time data.

Core Features


Checking, saving, deposit, credit and various other accounts types of accounts for traditional, digital banks, neobanks, payment processors, mobile wallets and wealth management companies.


Velmie platform delivers a white-label front-end app and an advanced API orchestration layer to develop and manage different card offerings and programs, providing comprehensive analytics and access to real-time data.

User management

The platform provides business and retail customers with Role-based access control (RBAC) system to manage the access of users.  Roles and processes that are fully adaptable to business models and operational procedures.

Payments & Transfers

Velmie solution supports QR payments, mPOS, invoicing, P2P transfers and payment links to make local and international payments and transfers.

Digital onboarding

An automated KYC verification that supports multiple countries and accounts limits is offered to meet local regulatory requirements.  You can set up a robust digital onboarding procedure by choosing one of the many KYC, KYB, and AML automation options supplied by our platform or provided by our integration partners.

Reporting and compliance

An extensive solution to set up a clear reporting system on transactions, settlements, interests, revenue, and more.

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About Velmie

Velmie provides localized digital banking, payment solutions, and other fintech software for the modernization and improvement of fintech projects in Qatar. 

Being a white-label digital banking platform provider with deep market knowledge and hands-on experience in financial technology development, Velmie powers financial institutions and mobile wallet companies with superior user experience and regulations-compliant mobile banking solutions. We have successfully launched several products in Qatar.

  1. What is boosting the growth of  FinTech in Qatar?
    Qatar has taken significant steps to develop the fintech sector. The state announced a fintech strategy a couple of years ago and established an investment promotion agency and various other incentives to attract foreign direct investment. The Qatar Fintech Hub (QFTH) was launched and successfully rolled up two waves of Qatar's first-ever specialized Fintech Incubator and Accelerator programs. QFTH will further foster the growth of the fintech ecosystem through incubation and accelerating growth of both domestic fintech start-ups and international ones.
  2. What are the drivers of FinTech in Qatar?
    Many factors are fuelling the growth of fintech in Qatar. Among these factors are consumer adoption of ecommerce and online transactions. Online remittances, contactless payment solutions, remote insurance claims and payments processing, and SME lending are the main areas of interest. From a regulatory perspective, financial inclusion and literacy efforts, particularly for the inclusion of the migrant population and SME financing are supported. Funding sources and capital accessibility in Qatar also drive Fintech development.
  3. What regions can your solution be implemented in?
    We have developed our banking software platform as a global solution with the ability to adapt it in almost every country. We are constantly expanding the features of our solution to meet the needs of clients from the UK, EU, US, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Africa, and other regions. Thanks to our vast partners’ ecosystem and a wide possibility of integrations with service providers, we can implement payment services and card programs almost worldwide.
  4. What is your platform's main advantage?
    We believe, that developing a custom-centric digital banking platform should be quick and simple, not challenging, expensive, and risky. A fundamental principle in our solution is modularity. Our platform's modular architecture, outstanding flexibility, and microservices infrastructure allow for efficient customization, innovation, and expansion. This approach creates a variety of opportunities for quickly launching innovative solutions.
  5. How fast can you deliver your solution?
    On average, it takes 2-3 months to go live with a product built on our platform.  Depending on additional business, compliance, and technological requirements, it could sometimes take up to six months.
  6. Can you customize the platform? 
    Our software platform's modular architecture makes it ideal for a wide range of businesses kinds. The modules can be put together in various ways to deliver a solution that precisely satisfies your needs. Additionally, we can handle any kind of specialized custom development for platform add-on functionalities and offer ongoing technical support.
  7. Do you perform custom API integrations?
    Because they enable fintech organizations to innovate and quickly adapt to the regularly changing demands and needs of clients, application programming interfaces, or APIs, are becoming increasingly common in modern fintech projects. Businesses can keep one step ahead of their competitors by continuously innovating without spending a fortune or take an abnormally long time to get a product to market. Additionally, APIs simplify and encourage cooperation between various service providers. Despite the potential that APIs may hold for fintech initiatives, they must be carefully coordinated to deliver the seamless, error-free client experience that will guarantee continuous success. Our staff has a lot of expertise in integrating APIs. We can deploy our solution with the current API modules for KYC, card issuance, acquisition, bank transfers, SMS, and other services.
  8. Is your solution secure and compliant?
    It's critical to take into account the fintech platform's strong security features, providers' synchronized security policies, and compliance with national and international laws while deploying a fintech solution. Our solution complies with main standards like OWASP, SOC 2 Type 2, and PCI DSS. Biometric authentication, RBAC, MPC (Multi-Party Computation), and other technological best practices for transaction and asset security are covered. In addition, we're partnering with the leading players to add new features to our platform, like fraud and crypto AML protection.

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