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FinTech Software Solutions in Saudi Arabia

White-label platform for future-proof fintech projects in KSA.

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Velmie helps Saudi banks and fintech companies effectively address modern-day challenges with a fully customizable digital banking platform and professional services. Our software solution comes as a combination of back-end services, mobile applications, web front-end for clients and administrators and an extensive API for developers. Our partner ecosystem provides payments and compliance coverage in the MENA region including The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Digital Banks

A white-label platform for banks built with cutting-edge technology and service-oriented architecture for high scalability, performance, and regulatory compliance.


The fully customizable white-label platform built on modern microservices architecture ready to scale and evolve along with your business.

Neobank Solution

An easy-to-customize modular software platform for neobanks with a wide range of integrations with service providers. Velmie provides end-to-end delivery and ongoing support under SLA.

Card Issuing

Velmie platform provides an advanced API orchestration layer and white-label front-end apps to set up and manage the card programs, run advanced analytics reports and get access to real-time data.



Current, savings, credit and multiple other supported account types for banks, payment institutions, mobile wallets and wealth management companies.


Velmie platform provides an advanced API orchestration layer and white-label front-end apps to set up and manage the card programs, run advanced analytics reports and get access to real-time data.

Currency exchange

Multi-currency accounts and exchange system supporting fiat and digital currencies.

Payments & Transfers

QR payments, mPOS, invoicing, P2P transfers and payment links available as payment options for domestic and international transfers.

Digital onboarding

​​Fully configurable tiered KYC system supporting multiple countries and account limits to comply to local regulatory requirements. Choose one of the several options for KYC, KYB and AML automation available within the platform or provided by our integration partners.

Reporting and compliance

Advanced system to configure the reports of transactions, settlements, interests, revenues and more.

User management

Supported business and retail customers with RBAC system for staff users and administrators. Configurable roles and workflows to perfectly fit business types and operational procedures. 

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About Velmie

Velmie is a member of Fintech Saudi launched to contribute to the development of the fintech industry in Saudi Arabia and to transform the country into an innovative fintech hub with a thriving and responsible fintech ecosystem. As we are a software company delivering localized digital banking, payment solutions, and other fintech software for MENA, our mission is to contribute to the financial inclusion of the Saudi Arabia Market and its evolution.

Being a white-label digital banking platform provider with deep market knowledge and hands-on experience in financial technology development, Velmie powers financial institutions and mobile wallet companies with superior user experience and regulations-compliant mobile banking solutions. We have successfully launched several products in the MENA region.


  1. What is driving the growth of FinTech in Saudi Arabia?
    The biggest driver of FinTech in Saudi Arabia is likely to be the young, rapidly increasing, and digitally savvy generation. The kingdom’s population of 35 million is the largest in the Gulf Cooperation Council and has a median age of 31.5 years. Young people are expected to fuel the rapid expansion of the digital sector in the coming years. The second factor expected to drive growth in the FinTech sector is the region’s rapidly increasing access to technology and its propensity for digital adoption and consumption. The youthful Saudi population is also one of the most interconnected in the world with internet and smartphone penetration rates of 98% and 92% respectively.
  2. How is the FinTech industry supported in Saudi Arabia?
    Fintech is set to play a key role in the economic and financial development of Saudi Arabia. Over the past couple of years, the kingdom has taken a number of steps to implement policies and initiatives to develop an ecosystem that not only stimulates the domestic financial sector but also competes with other fintech ecosystems. As part of the economic development, this led to the creation of the catalyst Fintech Saudi, launched in 2018 by the Saudi Central Bank (SAMA), which aims to stimulate the growth of the Kingdom’s fintech industry. 
  3. In what regions can your platform be deployed?
    Our banking software platform was originally developed as a global solution and we keep expanding it to provide services to clients from the UK, EU, US, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Africa, and other regions. With our extensive partners' ecosystem and a wide range of integrations with service providers, we can set up and configure payment services and card programs almost worldwide.
  4. How fast can you deliver your solution?
    On average, it takes 2-3 months to go live with a product built on our platform. In certain cases, it may take up to 6 months depending on additional business, compliance, and technical requirements.
  5. Do you handle the customization of your platform for my project?
    We put the interests of our clients first to cover their unique needs and requirements. So there are more than 80 technical specialists on our team doing customization and configurations to deliver exclusive tailored features and functions to your fintech project. Our platform has a modular architecture and is very flexible due to the microservices framework. This approach ensures the performance of customization, innovation and expansion in an efficient manner.
  6. Can we get custom API integrations?
    As API integrations can be a powerful tool for boosting your fintech project and making it more scalable and efficient, our solution is delivered with extensive API for a wide range of integrations with service providers and our team has extensive experience in this field. We can deliver our solution with the existing API modules for KYC, card Issuing, acquiring, bank transfers, SMS and Email notifications, customer support systems, etc,  or we can connect to payment systems of your choice.
  7. Is your solution secure and compliant?
    Strong security features of the fintech platform, vendor’s aligned security processes, and compliance with international and local regulations are essential and important factors while implementing a fintech solution. While developing software architectures and specifications we pay special attention to providing a secure solution to eliminate the possibility of fraud and encourage user adoption.  Our software platform is compliant with major standards such as PCI DSS, SOC 2 Type 2, OWASP, etc. For transactions and asset security, there are technology best practices such as biometric authentication, RBAC, MPC (Multi-Party Computation), and more. We’re also partnering with the leading industry players that extend platform capacity with additional services such as AML and fraud prevention.

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