Fintech Software Development

Tailored software solutions for banks, credit unions, neobanks and payments companies.
12 years of expertise in development. 100% focus on financial technology.


Unlike many other development companies, Velmie is fully focused on the Fintech industry.
Our team of in-house professionals effectively handles every step of the development process by applying technical, business, and compliance expertise.

Our Approach

We put our clients first to cover unique needs and build completely tailored financial services solutions with architecture design. To speed up the development process we deliver pre-built banking platform solutions, mobile banking applications, custodial and non-custodial crypto wallets, and other frameworks.

Global Coverage

There is an infrastructure of integrations and partners for bank transactions processing, foreign exchange, debit card issuing, KYC/AML verification globally. We effectively deliver worldwide coverage of the software and payments services while our clients stay safe with reliable SLA support.

Financial Software Solutions We Deliver

We design and develop custom core banking software for retail and business banks.


Our clients can also benefit from using a white-label digital banking platform to extensively reduce time-to-market and capital expenditures.

Financial Software Development

We develop e-Wallets that revolutionize the finance industry by providing unique experiences and a wide range of mobile payment solutions: QR payments, P2P transfers, split bills, and loyalty tokens.

Invoice Discounting Systems

We deliver business finance solutions and implement complex workflows for invoice discounting, factoring and trade finance platforms.

With expertise in banking, our company helps to build scalable and compliant web, mobile, and back-end solutions for challenger banks and neobanks.