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FinTech Software Development

Tailored software solutions for banks, credit unions, neobanks and payments companies.
12 years of expertise in development. 100% focus on financial technology.

Build your fintech with us

We help build advanced and future-proof fintech applications for businesses worldwide. Contributing real-world experience, ecosystem, and prebuilt technology, our team is a trusted development partner to over 50 fintech companies.

Hire Top Fintech Developers

Our team of seasoned professionals effectively handles every step of the software development process by applying technical, business, and compliance expertise.

Fintech product development

Get a dedicated team to handle all stages of the project so you can stay focused on business matters.

API Integrations

Get help building API integrations with your partner bank, BaaS platforms, KYC/AML providers, payment gateways, and other services.

Apps and Middleware

We can help start your fintech on top of a BaaS by creating nicely-designed mobile apps and API middleware solutions.

Starting a fintech with BaaS

How Velmie helps fintechs go live faster by providing front end and middleware technology.

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Our Approach

We put our clients first to cover unique needs and build completely tailored financial services solutions with architecture design. To speed up the development process we deliver pre-built banking platform solutions, mobile banking applications, custodial and non-custodial wallets, and other frameworks.

Global Coverage

There is an infrastructure of integrations and partners for bank transaction processing, foreign exchange, debit card issuing, and KYC/AML verification globally. We effectively deliver worldwide coverage of the software and payments services while our clients stay safe with reliable SLA support.

What we do

We develop e-Wallets that revolutionize the finance industry by providing unique experiences and a wide range of mobile payment solutions: QR payments, P2P transfers, split bills, and loyalty tokens.

Payment Solutions

We deliver business finance solutions and implement complex workflows for payments.

With expertise in banking, our company helps to build scalable and compliant web, mobile, and back-end solutions for challenger banks and neobanks.

With an advanced software infrastructure in place, we build custom products in an efficient way significantly reducing go-to-market time for wealth management and private banking products. 

Why Velmie

Financial Software Solutions

Vast experience in building enterprise-grade financial software solutions.

White-Label Fintech

Prebuilt platforms

and frameworks for greater efficiency and scalability.

Fintech Providers Integrations

Wide network of integration partners for payments, compliance, and card issuing.

Fintech Dedicated Teams

Lifetime support

and ongoing development

by dedicated teams.

The Velmie team works with a high level of professionalism. That got my attention since the beginning of the project, especially in our case where our technical expertise was on the weak side. They put all the tools and resources at your hand so you can follow and be part of the process all along. And I have to say, they are all very friendly.

Alejandro González,

Head of Product & Founding Partner, Reddo.

reddo credit

Case Study: Building a digital bank with Velmie

How Velmie helped Reddo to launch a neobank featuring debit cards, cross-border payments and p2p transfers. 


The mission of Walddo is to take advantage of the disruptive fintech effect targeting immigrant workers and introduce a mobile banking solution for cross-border money transfers and everyday payments. The remittance corridor between EU and Latin American countries is one of the key offerings, which makes transactions more convenient and reduces their costs.

Delivery Models

  • Handoff the entire process of product development to skilled professionals

  • Get your product built faster with our frameworks

  • Release the burden of management

  • Stay up to date on the project flow

  • Maximize the efficiency of your in-house team
    with fintech experts

  • Keep 100% control of the project

  • Engage top-tier talents with fintech expertise quickly

  • Speed development timelines

Velmie helped over 100 fintechs to go live and scale by providing experienced development teams.

Contact us today to explore the opportunities

Sectors we serve


Lending & BNPL

Asset trading

Business banking

Mobile wallets

Wealth management

Fintech software development FAQ

Fintech software is a broad term that refers to software and applications that allow access to financial services. This can include core banking systems, investment platforms, insurance apps, and more. Fintech software solutions are often used to automate tasks, improve efficiency, and provide new and innovative experiences to customers. Some examples of fintech software:

  • Mobile banking apps. These apps allow customers to access and manage bank accounts via mobile applications. 

  • Investment apps. Users can trade stocks, bonds, and other investments without the need to contact a broker. 

  • Insurance apps. Customers can buy and manage insurance policies as well as track and improve insurance spending. Connected to IoT devices such apps can provide even greater capabilities. 

  • Consumer lending apps. Such applications allow fast and easy loan initiation for clients without the need to visit a branch. 


Fintech software is a rapidly growing industry, and it is having a major impact on the way that financial services are consumed. By automating tasks, improving efficiency, and providing new and innovative technology, fintech software is making financial services more accessible, affordable, and convenient for everyone. Here are some of the benefits of using fintech software solutions:

  • Improved efficiency. Fintech software can help businesses to improve their efficiency by automating tasks and streamlining processes. This can save businesses time and money, and it can also help them to improve their customer service.

  • Innovative financial services. Fintech software can be used to provide new and innovative financial services to customers. This can include things like mobile banking, investment apps, and peer-to-peer lending.

  • Customer experience. At a time when most of the things can be done online, customers expect this from their banks as well. Digital onboarding, instant verification, virtual cards, instant transfers are among must have things modern banks should provide. 


If you are looking for a way to improve your business or to provide your customers with new and innovative financial services, reach out to us to explore the available solutions and opportunities.

  1. Does your company deliver both web and mobile apps?
    At Velmie we deliver back end solutions and all kinds of interfaces such as Web, iOS and Android applications, APIs etc.

  2. What extra services do you provide?
    On top of the development, our team effectively handles UI and UX design for financial products. Our specialists also do business analysis, quality assurance, architecture design, DevOps and maintenance. 

  3. Can you handle end-to-end software delivery?
    Velmie provides white-label digital banking platforms and integrations with service providers. Thus, we build financial solutions from the ground up within limited timeframes. 

  4. Do you provide ongoing maintenance and bug fixing?
    Yes. Our clients get technical support under SLA or keep a dedicated project team. 

  5. Can you handle the security and compliance optimization? 
    We fully understand the importance of security and compliance requirements and always keep this in mind when designing software architectures and specifications. With us, you can build solutions that comply with PCI, SEC, FINRA, OWASP, GDPR, ISO 27001 and more.

  6. Do you handle API integrations? 
    We build custom API integrations with service providers or core banking systems. You can also use the existing API modules for KYC, Card Issuing, Acquiring, Bank Transfers, SMS and Email notifications, Customer support systems and others.

  7. What technologies do you work with? 
    We use Flutter for FinTech mobile apps as it clearly has more advantages over other options. Numerous apps we built with this technology are cost-effective in the long run while receiving positive feedback from the clients. For the back end, we use modern and powerful technologies such as Golang that perform faster and are easier to maintain. 

  8. What cloud hosting solutions do you support? 
    Velmie is a certified AWS partner and helps its clients to build and operate secure and compliant cloud banking solutions. However, we consider our solutions as cloud-agnostic and in many cases, we deploy the software on other platforms or on-premises.

  9. How will the platform perform if there are a large number of users?
    Our white-label multi-asset exchange solution handles thousands of transactions simultaneously, smoothly supporting a vast number of users. Due to microservices-based architecture, the solution is highly scalable and capable of supporting company growth needs.

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