Fintech Market Forecast 2022

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With the ever-growing interest in the Fintech and Digital Banking industry, it is worth being on track with its trends and opportunities. At Velmie, a digital banking software provider, we handle yearly market surveys to understand how the market is going to evolve.


Comments and some additional insights from Velmie experts will give you a more detailed picture of the current landscape and help with the next year's predictions.

What's inside

  • Fintech sectors to grow in 2022

  • Adoption of emerging technology

  • Favorable regions

  • Building a successful Fintech product

  • Addressing major threats of Fintech companies


About Velmie

Velmie is a banking technology provider with more than 10 years of expertise in developing software and providing professional services. We supply enterprises and FinTech companies with modular and scalable software solutions, handling end-to-end delivery of the most sophisticated and innovative projects.

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