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Digital Banking Software Pricing

See why Velmie is the most cost-effective way to start a FinTech product.


Financial services is one of a few industries where setting up a new product always brings challenges due to overall complexity, regulations and compliance policies, security measures and business operations. Founders and product teams have to solve the well known “buy vs build” dilemma considering pros and cons of various platforms and solutions.

Our digital banking solutions effectively solve the dilemma by giving the solutions, tools, infrastructure and services. Product teams can stay focused on what makes their product unique instead of spending years building omnipresent and unified back office functions to be able to actually run the product.

Velmie cloud-native banking platform can be modified, configured or customized for each individual client and go live within weeks or months. We not only provide the technology, but also handle end-to-end delivery of every product with our in-house teams.

Modular Approach

Based on microservices architecture, ensures greater flexibility because modules can be customized and configured independently for each customer.

IP Ownership

Customers have more control and flexibility over managing and expanding their business because Velmie shares the IP rights with the client.

End-to-end Delivery


Velmie has built up an extensive network of partners and integrations, allowing banking solutions to be configured for all local markets.

Data Security

The software is usually based on single-tenant systems, with no shared resources between different customers. Different customers' data is kept independently, which means that if one customer's data is breached, other customers' data will not be compromised. It also allows user experiences to be customized.

Customers don't have to gain expertise and resources required for system integration and support as it is all handled by Velmie.

How Do We Compare to Others


Price Comparison

Velmie provides advanced and powerful banking technology as an efficient solution for established organizations and funded startups. Below are the average numbers based on the historical data and current state of the market.


While a low set up fee always seems attractive to start a new product, it often comes with higher operational costs. Transaction markup fees, licence fees and high service fees are always unsustainable in the long run, which often leads to a complete rebuild of the products.

On the other side, building a product from the ground up with an in-house team leads to higher capital expenditures that can also be unpredictable. This approach comes with hiring and retention costs, administration expenses, taxes, perks, equity programs and more.

Velmie banking platform combines benefits of BaaS and opportunities of custom development while being cost effective and time-saving.

Reach out to us to learn more about all advantages of the technology and see how it fits your product idea.


API solution to enable cryptocurrency trading across multiple exchanges.

Remittance app development

Velmie deployed its white-label platform and performed required integrations and customizations within 2 months.

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How to disrupt the FinTech industry with a remote development agency.

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