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Digital asset industries predicted to grow exponentially during the next few years. Daily trading volumes in digital assets already exceed $100bn, and a boom in crypto derivatives trade has seen trading volumes reach some 10 to 20 times the volumes traded in the crypto spot market. More and more companies are setting up to take advantage of the boom in digital asset trading. However, building the crypto trading business and able to adapt to the industry demands, and many other challenges along the way is quite sophisticated, as requires considerable technical expertise, resources and time to develop a platform that can compete with those already on the market

Thus many companies are seeing the benefits of investing in market-ready technology that enable them to set up a robust, scalable, and secure business quickly instead of building the platforms themselves from scratch.

Addressing financial industry tendencies, Velmie has developed a
White-Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Software that is fully customizable, market-ready, and scalable to support companies’ growth plans. The platform provides companies with the capability to quickly and securely launch or level-up their cryptocurrency and digital asset trading business.

The Story

The client is a Japanese financial company with a strong focus on fintech solutions and services. The company’s mission has always been to ensure fluent customer experience, enabling customers to effectively trade crypto assets from anywhere without any worries.

The company already had a cryptocurrency exchange solution. But the platform needed to be substantially upgraded due to multiple issues related to cryptocurrency exchange logic, security, flexibility, user interface, etc. The client needed not only a solution but also an experienced advisor to define what processes should be improved and what type of solution would be the most suitable to address the company’s goals:

  • Deploy a future-proof cryptocurrency trading platform, supporting multiple types of transactions

  • Equip the platform with the radically enhanced cryptocurrency exchange logic

  • Support multiple types of cryptocurrencies and digital assets

  • Provide innovative financial products and services to the customers

  • Ensure strong platform security

The Solution


Velmie was chosen as a strategic partner for this project, due to its comprehensive technology-driven approach, proven 10 years experience in the financial industry, and an extensive portfolio of FinTech products that it has developed for the Asian market.

Our team performed detailed research & analysis as well as the existing solution testing in order to better understand the customer needs and current infrastructure limitations. As a result, we offered our White-Label Multi-Asset Trading Platform - a flexible, liquidity-ready solution, to enable the company clients to securely trade crypto assets and settle payments across the globe in real-time. Being powered by an enterprise-grade core banking system the platform was designed to effectively manage all the aspects of digital currencies trading.

Due to a modular, microservices-based architecture, the platform fully addresses one of the main company’s objectives - scalability. Such architecture makes it possible to smoothly add new workflows, features, and integrations, thereby allowing the company to rapidly grow and innovate.

The platform was equipped with the integrated Mobile Wallet to enable the company’s clients to transact on the go from anywhere. The wallet is equipped with a convenient, highly intuitive user interface and supports over 150 currencies and digital assets, which can be seamlessly converted into any fiat currency. Also, the platform users can seamlessly purchase crypto assets utilizing their credit and debit cards (Visa, Mastercard). Moreover, the integrated E-commerce Payment Gateway functionality provides the possibility to make day-to-day payments for products and services via cryptocurrency.

To ensure the highest level of platform security, the solution was equipped with data encryption, two-factor authentication, cold storage, biometric authentication, access management, action logging, and many more.

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The Outcome

The new Multi-Asset Trading platform provided the client with the following benefits:

  • All-in-one scalable solution, that comprises cryptocurrency exchange, digital asset trading, payment platform, and extensive integration capabilities

  • 60% reduced the costs related to platform maintenance and further development

  • Improved customer experience due to platform agility and ability to provide more industry-demanded services

  • Strong multi-layered security and standards compliance

  • Dedicated support team to help the client with further platform customizations

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