Cryptocurrency for Gamers

Gamaxa ($GAX) is a cryptocurrency to be used by gamers worldwide 

The Story

The entire video gaming industry is highly-centralized at this time and the global objective of building Gamaxa currency was to improve the gaming experience by combining it with blockchain technology. The first step of it is launching a cryptocurrency that is widely accepted among game players and publishers to improve in-game transactions. Generally, Gamaxa project is aimed to be a Paypal but with several differences:


1. Crafted for online gaming.

2. Completely decentralized.

3. Lowest transaction fees possible.

4. $GAX currency to be accepted among all games and platforms.

5. Fully anonymous.

Our Solution

Waves platform was used as a foundation for this project as it combines several features that Bitcoin or Ethereum can't provide, for example, the commonly known security issues of public blockchains. It is hardly possible to make a new chain secure as it requires a lot of hash power to sustain attacks and the only way to get it is to have a huge community of miners. Therefore, the best way to launch a new cryptocurrency is to use tokes approach that also has great disadvantages mainly associated with price and speed of transactions processing. There were many platforms reviewed and we finally stick to Waves as the most efficient one. 


Another common problem solved was chargebacks. We decided to make the transactions irreversible to let developers to increase deposit limits without being at risk, this should benefit both gamers and developers and uncover great opportunities. 


Being a completely decentralized system $GAX currency also provide options for p2p trading and exchange of game assets, additionally, assets can be verified and used in several games by the same user. 


There are many more great features of the decentralized gaming cryptocurrency that are still uncovered and our team keeps working hard to benefit the gaming market. If you have a great idea and looking for technical expertise feel free to get in touch with us for an advice, we would be happy to see you as our partner or a customer!





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